Whistleblowing system

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In line with the implementation of Code of Conduct, the Company also sets up Whistleblowing System (WBS) mechanism. The system allows the employees to report any violation to code of ethics in the working environment and operational areas of the Company through the official channels. The identity of the employee reporting the code violation will be protected from any conflict that potentially raise from the action. Responding to the report, the Company itself will embark on deep investigation based on the facts gathered before jumping to the decision on what sanction shall be taken against the conduct. The employees can report any forms of violation of code of ethics, such as fraud and deceitful action against the Company’s Regulations, regulatory compliance, Article of Association, agreement/contract, corporate confidentiality, policies on transactions potentially raising conflict of interest and the others. The implementation of whistleblowing system is expected to create conducive business climate for all employees so that they can be motivated to deliver optimum productivity.