Brief Profile & Milestones

“ Integrity, Teamwork, Professionalism, Innovation, Excellence ”

PT Bukaka Teknik Utama Tbk ('BUKAKA') ('the Company'), was established on October 25, 1978 based on Notarial deed of H. Bebasa Daeng Lalo, SH, No. 149 and had already obtained approval based on a Decree of the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia No. Y.A.5/242/7 dated 21 May 1979.


The Company's Article of Association has underwent several changes, and the latest one was in 2011 in relation to the decline in authorized capital, issued and fully paid-in capital as well as share nominal value. The authorized capital which initially amounted to Rp2,000,000,000,000 was reduced to Rp1,352,000,000,000, consisting of 4,000,000,000 shares. The issued and paid-in capital was also reduced from Rp1,320,226,000,000 to Rp892,472,776,000. The decreasing authorized capital followed the implementation of quasi reorganization by splitting the stock's nominal value from Rp500 to Rp338 per share. The change of value was legalized in the Act No. 20 dated 15 December 2011 by H. Fedris SH, a Notary, and had received approval from the Minister of Justice and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia based on a Decree No. AHU- 08119.AH.01.02 dated 16 February 2012.


Starting the business operation as a small-scale company that ran a motor vehicle workshop, the Company then continued to evolve to be a leading company in infrastructure and metal construction industry.


With our skilled and well trained human resources, the Company has been participating in contributing to the acceleration of national development by producing high quality products and services for strategic sectors, such as energy, transportation and communication. In the meantime, the subsidiaries of the Company, PT Bukaka Mandiri Sejahtera (BMS), which focuses on mining sector, industry, trade, construction and service, and PT Bukaka Energi (BE) that runs the power generation business, also play certain roles in the business development.


The Company's commitment to present the masterpieces for the nation through strategic partnership with a number of prominent companies, including foreign companies, earned it an ISO 9001 certificate and certificate from American Petroleum Institute (API) for oil and gas related activities in 1995 .


Until today, the Company consistently makes improvements to create an efficient, economic and competitive organization that will enable relentless innovations and achieve prospective opportunities in the future years.



1978 Bukaka was established.
1979    Starting the vehicle workshop with Fire Truck as its first product .
1990 - 2000  Initial Public Offering on Indonesia Stock Exchange.
Obtaining certificate from American Petroleum Institute for activities relating to oil and gas.
Obtaining ISO and API certification.
Introducing new products, namely passenger boarding bridge, steel bridges, steam power plant, line transmission and oil and gas projects.
2000 - 2010 Obtaining Quality Assurance & OHSAS certificates.
Building hydro Power Plant
The Company deslited its shares effective as of August 9, 2006.
Establishing a subsidiary, PT Bukaka Mandiri Sejahtera.
The Company succeeded to convert its debt amounting to US$140 million into capital placement.
The Company kicked off the quasi reorganization to reach a healthier and accountable financial and capital structure.
2012     Minister of Justice and Human Rights approved the change of Article of Association of the Company through a Decree No. AHU-08119.AH.01.02.
The establishment of a subsidiary, PT Bukaka Mandiri Sejahtera, according to the Act No. 2 dated 4 June 2008 and No. 3 dated 29 March 2012 signed before Andy Azis, a Notary in Tangerang and was legalized by a Decree of Minister of Justice and Human Rights of Republic of Indonesia No. AHU-64060.AH.01.02 of the Year 2012 dated 13 December 2012, with focus on nickel mining, processing and trading.
2013 The establishment of a subsidiary, PT Bukaka Energi, according to the Act No. 3 dated 10 June 2013, which runs Hydro Power Plant as well as distribution of hydro-powered energy, operator and consultation for hydro-powered energy.

The acquisition of stake of PT Bukaka Forging Industries from PT Indonusa Harapan Masa. The corporate action was legalized in Notarial Deed of Andy Azis, S.H., No. 9 dated 22 December 2014 and was approved by Minister of Justice and Human Rights of Republic of Indonesia in aDecision Letter No. AHU-0134292.40.80.2014 dated 22 December 2014.

The Company through its subsidiary, PT Bukaka Energi, acquired several Mini Hydro Power Plant companies, namely: PT Mappung Hydro Power, PT Sakita Hydro Power, PT Anoa Hydro Power and PT Usu Hydro Power.

The Company relisted its shares on Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) on June 29th, 2015 with the following details:
Sector/Sub-sector : Infrastructure, Utilities, and Transportation/Non-Building Construction
Authorized Capital   10 billion shares or Rp3.38 trillion
Par Value : Rp338/share
Number of Shares Relisted : 2,640,452,000 shares
Issued and Paid-In Capital : Rp892,472,776,000
Relisting Share Price : Rp590/share
Relisting Market Cap : Rp1,557,866,680,000 or Rp1.56 trillion
2016 The Company’s subsidiary, PT Bukaka Mandiri Sejahtera, acquired PT Mitra Karya Agung to support the development of smelters.
2017 Signed a material agreement with KSO Bukaka-KS consisting of 4 contracts worth Rp2.95 trillion to carry out material supply, manufacturing and installation, galvanizing, and transportation of material for the Jakarta-Cikampek II Elevated STA 9+500 STA 47+500 toll road construction project.
Realizing investment in 25% of shares of PT Poso Energy, a company engaging in hydroelectric power plant based in South Jakarta.
2018 Establishing a subsidiary named after PT Bukaka Teknik Utama Balikpapan, with a 99% ownership or equivalent to 2,475 shares worth Rp2,475 billion.
Signed a Share Sale agreement with PT Bumi Sarana Utama Energi (BSUE) which was an affiliate of the Company to buy and receive the transfer of 1,750 shares of capital that was issued and fully paid by BSUE in PT Tamboli Energy in atransaction worth Rp1.75 billion.
2019 MEE signed a contract to sell 33 boarding bridge units (garbarata) with M-Solutions Co., Ltd. - Airport of Thailand in a transaction value of US$7.5 million or Rp105 billion.
2020 Signed a cooperation agreement on the procurement of 36 glass garbarata units including installation and maintenance with the Airports Authority of India (AAI) in a project worth US$5.1 million.
2021 Increasing investments in a number of subsidiaries engaging in the development of Renewable Energy Power Plants, including PT Poso Energy Tiga Pamona, PT Malea Energy, PT Kerinci Merangin Hydro.
Establishing a subsidiary named PT Baja Titian Utama that is assigned to implement the Public – Private Partnership Agreement (KPBU) with the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing of Indonesia for Replacement and/or Duplication of Callender Hamilton Bridge in the Java Island.
Establishing a new entity named Bukaka Three D Private Limited located in India, where the transaction of the establishment of the subsidiary was a follow-up to the procurement contract of 36 Passenger Boarding Bridges (Garbarata) for some airports in India.
2022 Increasing investment in associated entities engaged in the development of Power Plants, including PT Kerinci Merangin Hidro, PT Malea Energy and PT Bumi Mineral Sulawesi.
2023 Completed the first Public Private Partnership (PPP) scheme Construction Project that was participated by the Company, in the form of Callender Hamilton (CH) Bridge Replacement and/or Duplication in 37 locations on Java Island.