Bukaka Energi

PT Bukaka Energi is a subsidiary where we own 99% of its shares. PT Bukaka Energi runs Hydroelectric Power Plant (PLTA) business, which is offers a consultation, operation, and distribution of hydroelectric energy. PT Bukaka Energi was established in 2013 based on Notarial Deed of Andy Azis, S.H., No. 3dated 10 June 2013, with Amendment Deed No. 1 dated 23 August 2016, which was followed by an increase in the authorized capital to Rp240 billion, while the total issued and fully paid-in capital increased to Rp60 billion.


In 2014, PT Bukaka Energi acquired 4 (four) companies engaging in mini hydro power plants, namely PT Anoa Hydro Power, PT Mappung Hydro Power, PT Usu Hydro Power and PT Sakita Hydro Power, with share ownership in each of these subsidiaries amounting to 99%. Then in 2019, PT Bukaka Energi sealed a deal to buy and sell shares owned by PT Bintang Inti in PT Petro Hidro Optima with total ownership up to 25%. In 2020, PT Bukaka Energi also sealed another agreement to buy and sell shares owned by Latifa Sahira in PT Petro Hidro Optima, thus bringing its total ownership to 34.37%. PT Bukaka Energi together with the Company then formed a joint venture called PT Bukaka Mega Investama to focus on consultation, operation and distribution of hydroelectric energy. In this joint venture, the Company owns 99% of the shares, while the remaining 1% is owned by PT Bukaka Energi.


Members of the Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors of BE as of 31 December 2021 are as follow:


Commissioner : Suhaeli Kalla
President Director : Teguh Wicaksana Sari
Director : Abdulah Afifuddin Suhaeli