Bukaka Forging Industries

PT Bukaka Forging Industries is a subsidiary of the Company that runs the manufacturing and supplies of automotive components and other machinery components (non-automotive) using quality forged steel. PT Bukaka Forging Industries has built a reputation as the only forging company that applies Extrude Forging Technology in Indonesia that produce two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicle components. This subsidiary serves orders from several large customers, including PT Hino Indonesia, PT Showa Indonesia Manufacturing, PT Inti Ganda Perdana, and PT Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian Motors.


The Company acquired 96.81% of PT Bukaka Forging Industries shares on December 22, 2014, as authorized in the Notarial Deed of Andy Aziz S.H., No. 9, dated December 22, 2014. The Company’s share ownership increased to 99.5% on October 13, 2016, following the takeover of 156 shares of PT Bukaka Corporindo in PT Bukaka Forging Industries by PT Bukaka Mega Investama.


The structures of membership of Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors as per 31 December 2014 were:


Commissioner : Mohammad Azhary
President Director : Irsal Kamarudin
Director : Sofiah Balfas
Director : Didin Saepudin