Gear Reducer

Bukaka gear reducer confirm to specification API 11 E and we are the first company which have authorized to display the API Monogram in ASEAN . The product are designed and manufactured with double helical gear or Herringbone gear have proven to be standard of excellence for pumping unit gear reducer. Our complete line of gear reducer size ranging from 114 to 912. Enabling operators to satisfy the most challenging for the pumping unit.


The Bukaka gear reducer is utilizing a ductile iron casting and hardening alloy steel  combination of gearing commonly used by competiting gear pumping unit manufactured.


Detail of  Product :

•Type Gear: Double Helical Gear or Herringbone gear
•Gear material:
- Pinion: AISI 4140 ASTM A29/A29 M
- Gear:  Ductile Iron Casting  A536-84 Grade 100-70-03
•Housing Type: Split Housing
•Housing Material: ASTM A 48 cast iron
  • Major Parameters and Linkage Dimensions For API Series of Gear Reducer