Power Plant

Bukaka with a highly experienced group of staff, is dedicated to providing comprehensive design service for electric power generation project  such as: Hydropower Plant, Combined Cycle Power Plant, Coal Power Plant, Biogas and Biomass including feasibillity study, techno-economic analysis, environtmental impact and safety assesment, electric power system planing and design, the survey and design, engineering consultation and supervision etc.


Bukaka has established a systematic and completed project management system spesialized project team to control overal schedule, quality, risk, and cost by means of information management, time management, communication management, procurement management and integrated management in order to meet the customers requirement.


Project References : Coal Based Energy Conversion for Utility Project

Customer : PT Petrokimia Gresik


Scope of Work :


  • PLTU Unit with Steam Turbine capacity 32 MW (25 MW (Net)), Unit Steam Generator (Boiler), with capacity 2 x 150 ton/hour
  • Balance of Plant consist of: Demin Water Plant cap. 3 x 75 m³/hour, Coal Storage cap. 40.000 ton, unit of waste water plant, Raw water tank cap. 5000m³, Demin water tank cap. 2000 m³, Cooling Tower, Unit of Electrical System (Trafo, Switch Gear, Cable), Piping, & 70 m Concrete Chimney