Pumping Unit

Starting its operation in 1986, the Company until now has supplied more than 6500 pumps of various model and specifications to fulfill the demand from oil companies in Indonesia. Having production capacity of 75 units per month, for any pump types, Conventional crank Balance model , Beam balance model and Mark II Model. Bukaka Pumping Unit is the biggest pumping unit  fabrication in Indonesia. The design and manufacture are in line with API 11 E standards.


Pumping Unit are still applied at many oil fields worldwide for its simplicity, reliability and low cost . We already delivered to oil local company and overseas such as : PT. Chevron Pacific Indonesia, Pertamina EP, Petrochina, TAC Pertamina, KSO Pertamina, Medco, Gharib Oil Services etc.

  • Conventional Pumping Specification

  • Beam Balanced Pumping Specification